This section contains pigeons up for auction by a fixed closing date and time (GMT).

Victory Lofts pigeons are usually pigeons which have been ordered and not collected; or not have been paid up fully to warrant a delivery; or extra reserve racers which have not been raced during the season; children or grand children of my proven or new stock bird pairings; winners in our lofts; or stock birds which have been superseded.

We GUARANTEE under all circumstances that no pigeon will be offered for sale if it does not meet or exceed TOP QUALITY breeding standards, because we believe that if a pigeon is not good enough for us, it is not good enough for anybody. Our reputation depends on providing our customers with first class pigeons. Selling any other than TOP QUALITY pigeons, for your stock bird loft will only help tarnish our image, and discourage future purchases by other fellow fanciers. Accompanying pedigrees shall be provided and each pigeon will be vaccinated for paramyxovirus if not informed otherwise by the purchaser, before dispatch from our lofts.

Malta Pigeons are pigeons owned by fellow members, both from their stock bird loft or pigeons which have won prizes at club or federation level of the Maltese Federation; which for some reason or other are willing to part with their birds. Performances of winning pigeons have been verified before being placed for auction; and delivery of any of these birds will be accompanied by the appropriate certification from the club or federation as stated on the description of the bird. Should you like us to auction any one of your pigeons please do not hesitate to contact us.

International pigeons are pigeons owned by reputable pigeon fanciers from all over the world and shall have the accompanying pedigree and winning certificates if stated as winners on their description.

Once that the auction is closed the full auction price bid should be immediately transferred to Victory Lofts. Due receipt will be provided by ourselves and arrangements for shipping will be made. Final auctioned prices at the closing time of the auction exclude freight to the destination. Freight charges may be quoted for additionally; or if preferred, paid for to the freight forwarder, upon arrival of the bird at the destination, should the airline accept to this request.

If full payment is not received within 48 hours of closing of the auction, the auctioned pigeon will remain the property of Victory Lofts, who will either re-auction it, or do whatever they deem appropriate.